Free Verse Poem: Manliness

When you search for manliness,
you search for force of a special kind.
As a water spring born deep in the earth
that calm force begins with peace within.

As calm as forests, teeming with life,
as silent as rocks, amplifying your voice,
as quiet as trees, whispering your name
with a gentle voice of Spirit, full of knowledge.

As still as age-old ponds
holding the heavenly abyss.
As silent as thunderclouds
eager to become light.

When you search for manliness,
you search for the truth, to stand for.
Be yourself and transcend yourself,
bowing before the sacred.

Sing, dance, laugh, cry, jump for joy, be savage.
Breathe the wind, hug trees, listen to roots grow, name stones.
Watch sunbeams dance when the wind shakes the forest.
Wander with the clouds, gazing in the sky lying under an oak tree.
Walk with the sun, stay awake with the moon.

Nurture and protect life.
Go for your dream further than anybody ever has…
and return home.

Dedicated to Czechia Men’s Circle

2 replies on “Free Verse Poem: Manliness”

I like this. I think that manliness comes in many forms and is different for each person.

As a kid, I was taught that real men acted tough and drank and hunted but being raised by my mom with my two sisters, and then being responsible for my wife and two girls, I have come to see manliness in a much broader scope.

I haven’t hunted in many years but I am glad that I was taught to and could feed my family. I haven’t fought in over twenty years but I am glad I know how to protect myself and my family. I rarely drink anymore but I am happy for the experiences I have had because of drinking and the wisdom that doing stupid things sometimes gives me.

I have to remember to keep coming back here once in a while. I like the grounding I get from your prose. Is there a subscription service on this blog? I just find that with everything going on, I don’t often think to go searching for poetry but it is often exactly what I need to do.

Thank you for the feedback Chris. I need to install a plugin to make subscription work, will do it later)

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